Demon Debug


Demon Debug is a 2D Action Platformer I’ve been working on at with other professionals in the industry. This is the first large-scale project I’ve worked on with a team and my roles have involved programming, game design, and team/project management. Due to it being such a large scale project and one of the first games most of the team has worked on we decided not to work towards a full version of the game, however, we are commited towards releasing an Alpha build of the game containing one whole world of the game - which should release very soon.

In Demon Debug you play as The Programmer, an individual who has designed a software that is capable of revolutionising industries and improving millions of lives. Satan cannot tolerate such happiness in the world and therefore decides to steal your software and kidnap your team to prevent the software from launching. It is up to you to step into Hell and recover your software, save your team, and overcome challenging obstacles and level designs to show Satan who’s boss!


Release Date: Unknown

Platform(s): PC and Mac

Genre(s): 2D Action Platformer

Engine: Unity and C#

Developer: Rahul and Friends

Source Code: Unavailable

Download: Unavailable