Iceiana is a game developed by me and a couple friends over a weekend for Ludum Dare 47, where the theme was ‘Stuck in a loop’. Iceiana presents this theme in the form of a puzzle game where the goal is to slide from the beginning to the end - however, the twist is that level elements can appear and disappear suddenly, causing the solution to be something different to what you initially imagined.

My contributions for this game was in the form of Project Management (i.e. designing a Trello board and keeping the team on track), all programming elements, and all the art and UI elements. This game was made in 72 hours and successfully released as part of Ludum Dare and achieved good reviews overall.


Release Date: 05/10/2020

Platform(s): Web, Windows, Mac

Genre(s): 2D, Arcade, Puzzle

Engine: Unity and C#

Developer: Independent

Source Code: Available

Download: Available