OpenGL Learning Project (WIP)


This is a project I’m currently working on as a way to learn more about modern OpenGL by creating a game from start to finish. The initial goal for this project is to redesign a game I made in university (Traffic Rush) but with full control over the development. Once I’ve learnt enough of the fundamentals of OpenGL I will use those skills to create something more advanced. This project is still a work in progress so I will continue to expand this page as more is achieved!

Although this is still very early in development, I’ve tried to keep the code as expandable as possible throughout to ensure any system’s designed can be reused for this game and others in the future. Some of the things I’ve learnt so far through this project include knowledge on Buffers, how rendering works, 3D coordinates and mathematics, lighting and shading.


Release Date: Unknown

Platform(s): Windows

Genre(s): N/A

Engine: C++ and OpenGL

Developer: Independent

Source Code: Available

Download: Unavailable