Operation SSO


Operation SSO is a game I designed in a team as part of Global Game Jam 2020, during which I worked with a team of three others from my Master’s course. The theme of the game jam was ‘repair’, and after countless ideas and simple prototypes that didn’t work the team decided to make a game where you control an astronaut who has to close off black holes to repair the fabric of space.

In order to close these black holes you must lure enemies towards them to suck them into the black hole, whilst also avoiding being hit by these enemies and getting sucked into the black hole yourself! Another way we implemented the theme of repair into this game was through the movement itself, as in the game you move by using your jetpack, however, if you overuse this jetpack it will run out of fuel and you have to repair it over the course of a few seconds (this leaves you vulnerable as you are unable to steer out of the path of enemies and black holes).

My work on the game involved a majority of the programming work, art and audio implementation, and game design. I’m really proud of the player movement system that I designed for this game as although it isn’t too complex it feels really nice to control - for example the way that you turn in space and only move when the jetpack is enabled and how the player sprite moves like a ragdoll while turning. Other features I implemented include the Enemy AI, Black Hole effects, and post-processing.


Release Date: 02/02/2020

Platform(s): PC

Genre(s): 2D, Strategy, Arcade, Casual

Engine: Unity and C#

Developer: Game Jam

Source Code: Available

Download: Available