Running Against Time


Running Against Time was a 2D Platformer designed for the Ludum Dare 44 game jam, although I missed the submission by a few hours I was still proud of the game and wanted to release the game regardless. The theme of the game jam was “your life is currency” and therefore I decided to approach the game with a constraint that fitted this requirement. Although I quickly prototyped a ideas around this theme my favourite idea revolved around the game having a time constraint, where the clock would constantly be counting down and the player would need to collect gems in order to refill the timer.

Due to the time-constraint mechanic I wanted the overall feel of the game to be fast - and this was achieved by designing the levels in a way that they are connected together and slowly increase in difficulty. The levels being connected prevented the player from having to go to a loading screen everytime a level was completed and instead the levels were designed to be short but full of challenges and the incremental difficulty increase provided an additional challenge for the player to overcome.

Running Against Time can be downloaded and played for free, and the source code is available on my Github profile.


Release Date: 30/04/2019

Platform(s): PC and Mac

Genre(s): 2D Platformer

Engine: Unity and C#

Developer: Independent

Source Code: Available

Download: Available