SDL Asteroids


This is a recreation of the classic game Asteroids I made as a way as a way to challenge myself to learn more about SDL and improve my C++ skills in the process. The game was made from scratch in under a week, with all the art and code being designed and written by me during the 7 day timeframe.

Although Asteroids may not be the most enticing game in the 21st century, I still believe I learnt a lot by developing this game. It taught me a lot about the SDL framework and efficient managing of resources in C++. While developing this game I tried to keep the code as clean and readable as possible, resulting in organised systems which work well together to reduce overall code duplication, such as for rendering, collisions, and smooth input.

The end result is a game which I feel closely resembles the original arcade classic, with a nice floaty space-like physics system and an endless gameplay loop.


Release Date: 28/02/2021

Platform(s): PC

Genre(s): 2D, Arcade, Casual

Engine: C++ and SDL

Developer: Independent

Source Code: Available

Download: Unavailable