SDL Flappy Bird


This is a remake of the hit game Flappy Bird I developed as a way to improve my C++ and SDL knowledge. The game was made from scratch in a very short timeframe with all the code being written by me (although assets such as art and audio were downloaded - these are linked in the repository’s readme file).

Although Flappy Bird is a fairly simple game to play, I believe it was a good learning project - for example, through this project I learnt more about randomness and efficient endless level generation in C++, as well as implementing elements such as sound and UI for the first time. The end result, I believe, closely replicates the excitement the original game provided, with a fun endless gameplay loop and the feeling of wanting to retry just one more time over and over again.


Release Date: 28/02/2021

Platform(s): PC

Genre(s): 2D, Arcade, Endless

Engine: C++ and SDL

Developer: Independent

Source Code: Available

Download: Unavailable