Traffic Rush


Traffic Rush is a simple 3D game I built using C++ and OpenGL as part of my Advanced Games Technology module on my university course. The game requires the player to control a car along an endlessly generated road by moving left/right to avoid oncoming traffic and other obstacles in the road. The game also features power-ups (such as a speed boost and shield) to provide temporary gameplay advantages to the player.

The game consists of various elements such as meshes, textures, collision detection, different camera views, a functional main menu and control system. It is far from my best work but considering it is my first game built using C++ I am very proud of the work done on this game and the final outcome!

The source code for this project is unavailable publicly as it contains template code provided by my lecturer and therefore cannot be shared publicly. However, a playable version of the game is available and I am able to send you the source code if you need examples of my C++ work for a potential opportunity - just send me an email and I will share the source code.


Release Date: 02/12/2018

Platform(s): PC

Genre(s): Endless, Casual

Engine: C++ and OpenGL

Developer: Independent (School Project)

Source Code: Unavailable

Download: Available