Untitled Brain Game


Untitled Brain Game is a simple 3D game I made as part of the Journo Dev Swap held by Ukie. The Journo Dev Swap was a game jam held by Ukie in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK to raise awareness for the cause. Additionally, a big focus of the game jam was having journalists and developers swap places, resulting in journalists working on games with student developers, whereas the experienced developers would be writing articles about the game jam. During this game jam I worked with Laura Kate Dale and you can read her overview of the event here.

The theme of the game jam was ‘brain’, and Laura and I settled on an idea where you play inside the brain of someone suffering from alzheimer’s and have to retrieve memories based on prompts provided to you, and as the game progresses the prompts become more confusing and it becomes more difficult to retrieve the memory. On the game I was responsible for all the programming, game design, and UI design/programming and Laura was responsible for the level design and writing.

Overall it was a fun experience and I had a great time participating in this game jam. I had the opportunity to learn more about the work done by Alzheimer’s Research UK, met some amazing people, and learnt so much by making my first 3D game in the Unity Engine. The source code for this game is available on my Github account, and it is available to download too. A walkthrough video of the game is available below where Laura talks through the game and how it all works.


Release Date: 29/09/2019

Platform(s): PC

Genre(s): 3D, Puzzle

Engine: Unity and C#

Developer: Game Jam

Source Code: Available

Download: Available